FREE UK Notice of Default

This free Notice of Default is used to inform another party that there has been a default on an obligation or contract. For use in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.




Re: Notice of Default Package

This Default Notice is issued to you for the default package delivered by you on the date of [Date] of containing [Contents] at our office address mentioned above.

By the Service Agreement dated [Date] between the Company and you, and by the specific clause no. [Number], it shall be your sole responsibility to deliver the package at your entire risk, cause and consequences in case you fail to deliver the package as to the complete satisfaction in respect to the quality and quantity of the package.

Hence, this notice of default is served upon you to bring it to your knowledge to rectify the error and default committed by you within 7 days of receipt of this notice, failing which the Company shall be free to initiate such action against you as provided in the said Service agreement governing your relationship with the Company as agreed by you.

This notice is served upon you under general laws of carriage applicable under laws of United Kingdom.

For the Company


Authorized Representative


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