FREE Uk Pre Nuptial Agreement

A free Prenuptial Agreement used in the United Kingdom to set forth the rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce. The agreement pre-determines the distribution of property and other assets.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This Prenuptial Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on [Date] by and between:

[Name of the First Party], having his permanent residence at [Address], hereinafter referred as the First Party;


[Name of the Second Party], having her permanent residence at [Address], hereinafter referred as the Second Party;

(The parties are individually referred as Party and Collectively as the Parties)


The parties contemplate legal marriage, and it is their mutual desire to enter into this Agreement to continue and to own and control their own property, and are getting married because of their love for each other but do not desire that their present respective financial interests be changed by their marriage in any manner. Hence, to agree and incorporate the terms of their marriage they wish to enter into this Agreement.


1. All property, including but not limited to the tangible and intangible assets of the parties which belongs to each of the above parties shall be, and shall forever remain, their personal estate, including all interest, rents, and profits which may accrue from said property, and said property shall remain forever free of claim by the other.

2. The First Party and the Second Party herein discloses that he/she is sole owner and in possession of the assets, which is provided in the appendix to this agreement. The Parties also declare that these assets are free from any encumbrance or charge or any third party right or liability unless disclosed otherwise by the party.

3. The Parties herein brings [percent] share of property brought into the marriage (% share, particular forms of property), which shall be owned and held by both the parties jointly during the term of this Prenuptial Agreement unless agreed otherwise. The Parties shall maintain record of the property or assets brought in the marriage after the wedding, which shall be also owned and held by both the parties unless agreed otherwise. The Parties agrees that they shall have a joint tenancy of all the property held by them together unless agreed otherwise.

4. The gifts received by the Parties on the marriage shall be held by both the parties equally.

5. All the expenses incurred by the Parties for the sale of matrimonial home upon dissolution of this Agreement including but not limited to the stamp duty, real estate agent fees etc shall be borne by both the parties equally. However, either of party shall have a first right available to purchase the matrimonial home upon the dissolution this agreement on the same term and conditions as available to any third party.

6. The business of both the parties which is maintained separately shall be separate unless agreed otherwise by both the parties. However, there shall be a purchase obligation on spouse to buy out the other spouses' ownership of business incase of dissolution of this Agreement or marriage unless agreed otherwise.

7. The First Party and the Second Party agrees on the following additional responsibilities towards each other:

First Party Second Party

_________________ ____________________

Date: Date:

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