FREE UK Deed of Revocation

A free Deed of Revocation that can be used to revoke a power of attorney in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This deed of revocation is made by [donor’s name] having his permanent residence at [Address].


I granted a Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs/Health and Welfare [Please mentioned the applicable] on [Date of such instrument] appointing [name of first attorney] having his address [Address] and [name of second attorney] of [address of second attorney] to act as my attorney(s) therein.

Now, I hereby unconditionally revoke the said Power of Attorney and the authority granted by it with immediate effect.

No rights, title, interest, claim or benefit of any nature by any name shall be due and shall accrue under the said Power of Attorney.

This revocation shall be governed under laws of United Kingdom.

Signed and delivered as a deed _________________________

Date signed: [Date]

Witnessed by: _______________________________________

Full name of witness [Name]

Address of witness [Address]

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