FREE UK Tenancy Agreement (AST)

This free Tenancy Agreement can be used in the United Kingdom when a landlord wishes to rent certain premises to a tenant for a certain period of time.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Tenancy Agreement

This Tenancy Agreement is made on this day of ___________ by and between:

[name of the landlord] [address of the landlord] hereinafter referred as the Landlord, which expression shall mean and include his legal heir and successors


[name of the tenant] [address of the tenant] hereinafter referred as the Tenant, which expression shall mean and include his legal heir and successors.

The above referred Landlord and Tenant are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties” and individually as “Party”.

1. The Property: This Tenancy agreement is made for the [Description and address of the property] , called as the Property together with all furniture, fittings and fixtures for the rent being [Description of the rent] per month payable by the Tenant to the Landlord on the first week of every month in advance.

2. Term: The term of this Tenancy Agreement shall be valid for an initial period of [ ] years, which shall be renewal subject to mutual consent of both the parties. The Tenant shall hand over a peaceful possession of the Property to the Landlord at the end of the Term of this Tenancy Agreement.

3. Deposit: There shall be a security deposit which shall be refundable interest free at the end of this Tenancy Agreement. The Landlord may deduct any unpaid rent from this Deposit along with any unpaid expense which the Landlord may occur on fault or on liability of the Tenant with respect to the Property. The Landlord may also deduct any unpaid Municipal or Council Tax in relation to the said Property.

4. General Terms:

4.1 This Tenancy Agreement shall be assured tenancy agreement as defined under section 20 of the Housing Act, 1988 (as amended). The Landlord may recover the possession of the property by invoking the provisions as provided under the Housing Act, 1988. This Tenancy Agreement is for residential purpose only.

4.2 All the notices shall be served to the Landlord and the Tenant as per the section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.

Landlord Tenant

_________________ ____________________

Date: Date:



[Description of the Property, furniture and fixtures]

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